Artificial intelligence

Our machine learning algorithms enable to make data-driven decisions, automate routine tasks and improve product quality

We have effective solutions in:


Computer vision




Recommender systems


Natural language


Natural language processing


Smart CRM
AI medicine platform
Video analytics for drone
Steel mill

Smart CRM with recommender system

We developed smart CRM system that significantly increased sales with the help of machine learning methods.
The system took into account the history of interaction with clients and recommended which offer to which client should be made.

Machine learning for mechanical ventilation

Our web and mobile app provide data about patients enriched by machine learning algorithms.
The solution detects mechanical ventilation asynchronisms, predicts patient's future condition and gives recommendations to clinical specialists for optimal regime of equipment.

Computer vision for drone

The solution determines the presence of trees, their height, as well as the area of other vegetation.
Solution architecture consists of two neural networks and other computer vision algorithms.

Recommender system for steel plant

Implementation of machine learning expert system reduced defect production by 34%.

It allowed to save energy and time, increase productivity and quality of final product.

Our competitive advantages

Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

Our developers have wide experience in high loaded enterprise level projects.

Secured data

Secured data

We have high expertise in cyber security so your data will be always protected.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

All our solutions have convenient UX and friendly interface developed by professional designers.

Our latest publications

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Let's talk about the possibilities of using computer vision to process data from a satellite or drone.

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How to use AI in retail?

A machine learning model can analyze and break large volumes of complex data into actionable insights, so you can better understand customer.

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Vilnius transport

Our analysis of logistics from the outskirts to the city center by public and private transport.

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